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Must Carry 12 Hiking and Camping Essentials for Kashmir Trekking

Must Carry 12 Hiking and Camping Essentials for Kashmir Trekking-Jkone Adventures

If you're planning a trekking expedition in Kashmir, you must be well-prepared for the journey. The beautiful landscapes and scenic beauty of Kashmir are a trekker's paradise, but it can be challenging if you are not well-equipped. Therefore, we've compiled a list of 12 must-carry essentials that you should consider while planning for your Hiking and Camping in Kashmir Trekking.

Let's we discuss trekking and Camping Essentials:

  1. Navigation tools: A map and compass are the basic navigation tools that you need to carry during the trek. A GPS device can also be helpful in locating your position in case of an emergency.

  2. First-aid kit: A first-aid kit is essential for any outdoor activity. It should include band-aids, antiseptic creams, painkillers, insect repellents, and other necessary medications.

  3. Sunscreen and sunglasses: Kashmir's high-altitude trekking trails receive plenty of sunlight, so you need to protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays. Sunscreen and sunglasses are crucial to protect your skin and eyes from the sun.

  4. Warm clothing: The temperatures in the high-altitude regions of Kashmir can drop significantly, so it's essential to carry warm clothing. You should pack a thermal base layer, a fleece jacket, a down jacket, and waterproof pants.

  5. Sleeping bag and tent: A comfortable and warm sleeping bag and a reliable tent are essential for a good night's sleep during your trek.

  6. Food and water: You should carry enough food and water to sustain yourself during the trek. High-energy snacks like granola bars, nuts, and dried fruits are a good option. You should also carry a water bottle or a hydration pack.

  7. Headlamp and extra batteries: A headlamp is a must-have item in your backpack for any outdoor activity. Make sure you carry extra batteries to avoid any inconvenience during the trek.

  8. Multi-tool and repair kit: A multi-tool can come in handy in several situations during the trek, like repairing gear or cutting through obstacles. A repair kit should include items like duct tape, a needle and thread, and a patch kit.

  9. Emergency shelter: You should carry an emergency shelter, like a lightweight bivy sack, in case you get stranded during the trek.

  10. Communication device: A communication device, like a satellite phone or a two-way radio, is essential for emergency situations. Make sure you have a backup battery and keep the device in a waterproof case.

  11. Personal hygiene items: You should carry personal hygiene items like toilet paper, wet wipes, and hand sanitizer to maintain hygiene during the trek.

  12. Cash and ID: Carry enough cash and your identification proof, like a passport or a driving license, with you. You might need them in case of an emergency.

Now that you know the 12 must-carry essentials for a trekking expedition in Kashmir, it's time to plan your trip. If you're interested in skiing or snowboarding in Kashmir, you should check out Gulmarg skiing packages or Gulmarg snowboarding packages. Gulmarg is a popular skiing and snowboarding destination in Kashmir, and you can find several tour operators offering packages for these activities.


Trekking in Kashmir can be an unforgettable experience if you are well-prepared. Make sure you carry the 12 essentials mentioned above and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Kashmir.

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