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JKone-Tarsar Marsar Sundarsar Trek - One of the Most Beautiful Trek in Kashmir

Tarsar Marsar Sundarsar Trek - JKone

Kashmir is also considered as heaven on earth and at the same time it is also claimed that Kashmir is also home to many beautiful treks in the Himalayas. And one of the most beautiful treks in Kashmir is the Tarsar Marsar Sundarsar Trek which is considered to be one of the most beautiful treks in the Kashmir Valley.

Nestled in the lap of nature, this trek is situated at an altitude of about 13201 ft.and this trek is beautiful. Beauty is further enhanced by the three beautiful lakes in it – Tarsar, Marsar, and Sundarsar.

These lakes take you very close to heaven. Whenever you pass by these beautiful lakes, you will see the green and beautiful meadows of Kashmir.

You can see different species of vegetation found on this track, such as oak, pine, deodar and Bhojpatra trees found in the upper Himalayan region.

This trek is also very adventures for new trekkers and it is easy but due to slippery and rough patches in some parts in the middle, it becomes a bit difficult and little tricky for beginners.

The beauty of this trek increases when the lake and the mountains change color as the sun rises here. You will feel different throughout the day as the snow-capped mountains and lakes keep changing colors.

Quick Facts about trek

Altitude Range – 7950 ft to 13,400 ft.

Location – Anantnag District, Jammu & Kashmir.

Duration- Min 6 /7 Days.

Difficulty level – Modarate

Total distance – 47.6 km

Starting point – Sringar

Ending point – Sringar

Base camp - Aru

Temperature – 15 to18 degrees (Highest)

-3 to -5 degrees (Lowest)

Best Time For Tarsar Marsar Trek

This trek is located at a very high altitude, so the weather keeps changing here. If seen, then the best time to visit Trasar Sundarsar Marsar trek is from April to September because at this time the weather is very good and the temperature does not remain low at all.

After the month of September, in October, the temperature starts decreasing and snowfall starts and cold winds start blowing, due to which this trek can be very dangerous and difficult.

Geographically, the best time for this trek is the two months of monsoon, August and September, because in these two months there is very less rainfall in the Kashmir Valley and the weather is very clear and favorable for tourists.

Hiking And Camping Essential

To enjoy trekking, the most important thing is trekking equipment. Talking about the trekking shoes through which we can easily complete the trek. People plan accordingly while planing for camping and it is necessary to get Hiking And Camping Essential.

Carry only the essentials things . You can watch videos about it or you can take help from our guide .

Each person will Cary 2 pair trekking pants, 1 pair good trekking shoes, 1 bathroom slippers, 4-5 t-shirts (some half and some full sleeve), 1 fleece, 1 woolen, 1 jacket, 1 poncho, 1 water bottle , took 1. Torch, 1 roll of 3 pairs of cotton socks, toilet paper (for both of us), 1 pair of woolen socks, sunscreen, some

medicines, dry fruits as suggested by the team leader or guide ...

How to reach Tarsar Marsar Sundarsar?

  1. You have to reach Sringar to get start the trek and also report at tourist report centre at Sringar .

  2. You can reach Sringar by Airways and Railways it is connected with both the ways .

  3. Sringar to Aru, people will get easily pick and drop services by the providers from sringar to aru and Aru Sringar

  4. We began trek From base camp Aru to Tarsar Marsar Sundarsar Trek.

So, here was a guide for Tarsar Marsar Sundarsar trek that you should do adventures trip at least once in your lifetime. We hope you find this article useful!

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